Beautiful Light is the creation of the photographer Edmund Boyle who lives in Westport on the west coast of Ireland and works countrywide as a Photographer and Cameraman. He has had the opportunity to capture some of the most colourful and evocative images on his travels and now presents a selection of them as a collection of the highest quality Fine Art Prints.

"The Difference Is Quality"

I wanted to create a medium for viewing photographs that was exceptional in the quality of its content and presentation. For many years previous to digital photography, developing and printing was an art form. Photographers spent many long hours in a darkroom dodging and burning photographs until they created an art piece.

It not only had to be acceptable to themselves but also capable of being presented for public viewing. Some of that work and art was lost to some degree with the onset of digital photography. Technology may have made the process of capturing images easier but I sometimes thought that the quality of photographs suffered. The craft and art of photography is much more than an automatic setting on a camera. I always thought that if a photograph was going to be placed on a wall in someone's home, it should be of a standard good enough to stand the test of time.

People will look at this image day in and day out. It should be an image they are proud to display which also gives them great pleasure. It should evoke an emotion or sense of satisfaction. To this end I take great pride in the composition and content of each of my images. I still use the tried and tested techniques of the master photographers of old to capture images.

I take advantage of the newer technologies to compliment my work not control it. I still use camera equipment that is over thirty years old alongside up to date cameras and lenses. I use the best materials available including archival photographic paper and fade free archival inks to produce quality photographs that are worthy of being displayed in someone's home. The framing and presentation is equally important and demands the best available.

When I finish an image and have it printed and framed, it is with the best materials, you now have a photograph that can take pride of place. When I am satisfied I sign it. The difference is quality.

-Edmund Boyle